From Vera S*

Just had to let you know about your Chinese Bitter Tincture remedy. It has done wonders for me.

For years I have suffered from digestive problems resulting in bloating and an extreme sluggish feeling, especially after eating. After using this product for only a few days I felt an immediate sense of relief.

I began to have more energy and the constant discomfort including dull pain on my one side has disappeared. An added bonus is that my eyes have lost a lot of the redness.

I feel years younger and never felt better. Love this product.

Your truly,
Vera S

From Judith O*

I first began taking Gentian last March. I had been on hormone replacement therapy and was trying to stop taking medication. The dull ache in my right side gradually disappeared and my eyesight became much improved.

I then took the Kidney and Liver strengthening formula and my digestive system seemed to work more efficiently. After awhile I feel the liver ache coming back and take the Gentian again. Gradually I hope to strengthen my liver. Both my father and grandmother had serious liver problems.

Also, after taking the Gentian for about a week my head seemed clearer and I felt more awake.

Judith O

Note: I used milk thistle for several months. I didn't notice any difference at all- except my bank balance. Milk thistle is very expensive.

When I took the Gentian after one week I noticed results. I had been on Premarin and Progestin, plus pain pills and muscle relaxants for problems related to a serious accident. After three bottles of Gentian followed by the Liver and Kidney Tonic I do not need any medication at all.

From Mesha*

Hi, i took the chinese bitters and coptis to help me get pregnant. Well it worked and now my sister has been taking them and it didn't work. Well they went to the doctor and found out that her husband is the one that can't get her pregnant. Is there an herb that can help them?

P.S. i have told you before, but THANKS again. My son is 18 months now.


Note: Chinese Bitters and Coptis can help manage male hormone levels, which might theoretically have an effect on male infertility, but male infertility can have many causes.

From Kerri A*


I have had very irregular cycles for the last two years (about 45-50 days). I took chinese bitters and coptis for 3 weeks and now my period is here today! I am so excited because this is the first step towards helping me get pregnant! I will start the bitters again once my period is over. I also think that we may still have to do IVF because we have male factor also. We shall see.

Thank you again for helping me begin regular cycles!
Mrs Kerri A

From Joanne G*

Hi Julia,

Wanted to let you kn ow hwo much I like your deodorant. I started to use it about 4 years ago. When I first started to use I needed to use every day for a month or so. Then I used about twice a week for a month or so, then I went to once a week. Once it seemed that everything was cleared out I only used every couple of weeks.

I actually find no need for deodorant any more and don't have a problem with the exception that in the summer with a heat wave I might use just as a precaution. It has been totally amazing. Great product and no chemicals. I am so grateful for not having to use the chemical deodorants, or for that matter rarely need even your deodorant anymore. It seems to have cleaned all my system out. Many thanks and appreciation.

Joanne G

From Lenora Q*

I usually do not give much thought to testimonials because every person is different and thus responds differently to products. But I have to give the Mu Shang deodorant the review it deserves, from my experience.

I've been frustrated for years buying natural deodorants from health food stores that do not work. And I really did not like using antiperspirants for obvious reasons, but I had to for the few times I would go out to a concert, party or gathering if I didn't want to smell by the end of the night. I've been using products from Sensible Health for a few months now and decided to try the deodorant. I followed the directions and used it every night for two weeks (twice a day for the first few days). My job is very physical so I sweat everyday. After the first two weeks, I was still a bit smelly after sweating but I continued to use it. Finally, after about 3 and 1/2 weeks, I absolutely don't smell at all when I sweat. I am amazed by this product. I sweat quite a bit yesterday during a workout at the gym and still, no smell. I have still been using it every night, but I'm going to try just once a week. It does smell like vinegar and herbs when you first put it on and its thin viscosity causes it to drip easily but those issues do not bother me at all. The smell fades quickly and applying it without getting it everywhere just takes some practice. It is well worth it.

Thank you so much for this product. I have told many people about it and hope this product will always be available. There is nothing to equal it that I have ever found.

Lenora Q

From Kim G*

wow, that deoderant really works! IT smells kind of funny but after it dries and you put on your shirt and sweat all day I still smell pretty fresh. That is amazing beccause for years and years I have had trouble with smelly arm pits. No matter what I used every worked. I have used the crystal deoderant and all the different natural ones and even the regular ones from the store. So this is the answer I have been looking for. I will by ordering the mouth wash next!! Thank you for wonderful products that actually work!

Kim G

From Joann G*

I am writing to you because I want you to know how much I like your new deodorant and to say thanks. Finally, a truly natural deodorant that works! I really like the clean vinegar smell. I used it every night for about 2 weeks as suggested, then went to about once or twice a week. I find it very effective and long-lasting. Please don't ever stop making this product. Nothing else on the market could replace it.


From Grace F*

I want to thank you for your guidance in providing information that has helped in my son's recovery from allergies. Luke as I told you two years ago was exposed to penicillin by accident and was reacting to animal products with hives and edema in the face. After using Chinese bitters and a year of vegan eating, he has recovered and can now, since last September, eat eggs and buffalo meat. Now, he can have cheese and enjoy a pizza without any reaction. I believe that with the help of the Chinese Bitters and his diet, is the reason why he healed. He is 14 and has grown 4 inches since September.

Thank you.

From Joe C*

For several years now since I came home from the Persian Gulf in 1998 I have suffered from a small but serious group of illnesses. It all began with food allergies and constant diarrhea, mostly after meals, but in a couple of years I also developed a chronic low back problem resulting in daily pelvic twist in the area of the sacrum, mostly on the right side of my pelvis. Over the following years the low back problem remained but also worked its way up my back (again the right side) to my atlas vertebra which also would shift itself out of place to the right side, pinching nerves and limiting my ability to look both up and downward for more than very brief periods of time. I've become increasingly irritable, most notably after meals and suffered from constant fatigue and exhaustion. After so long of seeing doctors and specialists who could offer at best a quick (and short-lived) fix, I came across your site. I have done the liver/gall bladder cleanse twice now and passed over a pound of stones (most of which are light green and between thumb and pea size and enough to fill a 12oz cup) and I feel my symptoms are regressing, food allergies are nearly non-existent for a few days after the treatment, my mind has cleared up and my constant fatigue is not nearly so severe as it was before.

The back problem though still there is not nearly so serious, but rather has become more what it was three or so years ago and my moods for the most part have stabilized.

From Joann A*


Joann A

From Cheri F*

Just wanted to let you know that I've been taking the four tinctures for one week and I feel much much better. I've been sleeping better, I have more energy, I'm thinking clearer, my allergies aren't as severe (still need to work on this), my psoriasis is better, my bowel movements are more normal (no diarrhea), my swollen kidney is almost back to normal and my thoughts are more positive. And I didn't feel as "dead" as I usually do the day after drinking that awful olive oil. I actually feel like I want to live. I've tried numerous vitamins/supplements and my husband is always complaining about all the stuff I buy. Hopefully, I will be able to cut back on some of these things. I've even convinced my husband to try the products which is a bigger accomplishment than what the products have done for me. I had been seeing a Chinese doctor for several months for acupuncture and he gave me some Chinese tea, but it really never helped and I became allergic to it.

Also, my pulse now has a more normal reading. I'm really happy I found your website.

Cheri F

From Joanne G*

I have had extreme P.M.S. symptoms for about 10 years. I have tried many many remedies. Finally, I learned about FEM MATE and decided to give it a try.

My symptoms have included cramps, bloating, mood swings or depression, extreme tiredness, migraines, and a general feeling of ill health. I became to dread two weeks out of every month.

The first month on FEM-MATE I noticed that my symptoms were not as severe and noticed a marked improvement. By the second month I could not believe the difference. I had no migraine headache or bloating and my energy level was better than it had been in years. My health has improved greatly. Anything I tried up to this point has made a slim temporary improvement or none at all.

I have finally found a cure. I take just one tablespoon every day. Truly a great product. Would recommend to anyone suffering from P.M.S. Just had to let you know how happy you have made me and what a help you have been. Cannot thank you enough.

Joanne G

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