Conquering Chronic Health Problems Without Drugs or Surgery

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Julia Chang, M.Sc.

I have learned from personal experience that a weak liver can be the cause of many chronic health problems.  Gallbladder problems, bad breath, constant fatigue, sleep disorders, heart palpitations, poor memory, skin problems, poor complexion, allergies, arthritis, thyroid problems, hypoglycemia, frequent numbness in the extremities, frequent infection, dizziness, and fainting are a few examples of what may result when the liver is stressed.  In addition, womens' health problems such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast cysts, endometriosis, painful menstruation, and possibly even some cancers may also be the result of a weak liver.

Having suffered from these disorders for more than two decades, I sought help from both medical doctors and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners but my problems persisted.  Western medicine did not offer much help to me in addressing chronic health problems and traditional Chinese medicine lacks an understanding of hormones.  I have B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in chemistry and had worked for more than 6 years in the chemistry laboratory of a large hospital in Toronto, Canada.  I also have strong personal interest reinforced by family tradition in Chinese herbal medicine.  I decided to treat myself with both Chinese and Western approaches, using one to complement the other.  Through a combination of Chinese herbs, diet control and regular exercise, I gradually overcame most of these health problems.  I would like to share my experience with others who may have similar chronic health problems.  The herbs I used in treating myself are described in Properties of Herbs.  All herbal tinctures I developed are manufactured by and available exclusively from Prime Health Products.     Julia

My Journey of Self-Healing

  1. Liver Functions, Liver Disease, and Liver Cleansing - coping with constant fatigue as well as age-related vision and memory loss.
  2. Gallstone Removal and Kidney Stone Removal - the common problems of gallstones and kidney stones, and alternate ways to treat them.
  3. Gallbladder Flushing - gallstone treatment: complications associated with gallbladder removal, and alternatives to invasive gallbladder surgery.
  4. Estrogen Dominance - the role of estrogen in "womens' problems" such as amenorrhea, menopause, and weight gain.
  5. Endometriosis and Womens' Problems - endometriosis symptoms and treatment, and their connection to liver health.
  6. Infertility - the effects of hormone imbalances and the use of Chinese herbs.
  7. Depression and Insomnia - coping with sleep disorders and depression.
  8. Allergies, Asthma, and Arthritis - the connection between liver health and the onset of allergies and arthritis.
  9. Other Liver-related Problems - headaches, dizziness and fainting, thyroid problems, skin problems, and implications for diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  10. Halitosis, ie- Bad Breath - the role Chinese herbs can play in treating bad breath, gum disease, plaque, gingivitis, and sensitive teeth.
  11. Breast Cancer Prevention - the importance of liver health in preventing breast cancer.
All 11 chapters - printable format

Properties of Selected Chinese Herbs - learn more about the Chinese herbs that we use.


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