Shipping Information

General Information

We ship by postal mail service, so PO Box addresses are acceptable. In Canada, your package will be delivered by Canada Post. In the United States, your package will be delivered by the United States Postal Service. In the United Kingdom, your package will be delivered by Royal Mail. In other countries, your package will be delivered by your local postal mail service.

We generally do not use couriers such as UPS or Federal Express unless a customer specially requests it, because couriers are subject to extra brokerage fees at the border, which can substantially increase your cost. Also, while couriers often promise overnight delivery for normal packages, they cannot necessarily make this promise for herbal goods because they must pass through extra Customs inspections, so these services are not worth the extra money.


We ship from Canada, so customers in the United States should theoretically not have to worry about Customs duties because of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). However, customers outside North America may be charged with Customs duties and other fees such as sales taxes at the border. Duties and fees and other Customs policies vary from country to country and may be changed at any time, so the customer should be aware of his own country's Customs policies and fees before ordering.

Shipping Times

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery times outside of Canada. Any international shipment must pass through Customs, and Customs delays are unpredictable, particularly since they tend to subject herbal products to extra scrutiny out of fear that they may contain narcotics. Courier services such as FedEx or UPS cost a great deal and would not solve the problem because they must go through Customs as well. If an air shipment takes more than 30 days to arrive, we will ship a free replacement.

When your package is sent out, Canada Post will automatically send you an E-mail with the tracking number for your package. You can check this tracking number at Canada Post's website.

Note: If you are not at home when the shipment arrives, they will usually leave a note in your mailbox informing you that the package is being held at a local post office for you. If you do not pick up the package after two weeks, they usually assume you do not intend to do so, and they ship the package back to us. If you ordered by air mail and you have not received your package after more than two weeks, you may wish to check with your local post office to see if they are holding it. Sometimes they forget to leave the pickup note.

Return Policies

We accept returns of unopened product, within 30 days of purchase. We cannot offer refunds for product kept longer than that, and we do not accept returns of used product.

The easiest way to return product (eg- if you changed your mind about the product before it arrived) is to write "Return to Sender" on the package immediately after you receive it, before you open it. Then, give it back to the post office. They will ship it back to us, and we will refund you the product cost, minus a return shipping charge equal to half the regular shipping charge (we must pay return shipping to the post office ourselves, since we are a small family-run business and we cannot negotiate the kind of bulk shipping rates that large corporations can).

If you have already opened the package but one or more of the products is still unopened, you can ship the unopened product(s) back to us at:

Prime Health Products
133 The West Mall, Unit 8
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M9C 1C2

Make sure to clearly write "Product Return" on the package, as well as your name and order number. When it arrives, we will refund you the product cost.

Country List

We ship from our online store to the following countries:

Cayman Islands
Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Saint Kitts & Navis
Saint Lucia
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

We can also ship to other countries not on this list, but there may be restrictions and extra costs, and such shipments cannot be handled through our online store so you need to call us in Canada at 416-248-2930.

Note: we have experienced problems shipping to certain countries in the past, so we no longer ship to those countries. Some countries have Customs restrictions on alcohol-bearing products or non-domestic herbal products, while others simply have unreliable postal systems which have repeatedly lost packages in the past. This is a current list of the countries to which we no longer ship:

South Africa

Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges are based on the actual cost we pay to Canada Post. If you check Canada Post's website for the cost of shipping 1 lb bottles, you can confirm this for yourself. Many online stores offer reduced or even free shipping, but nothing in life is free. They do it by simply burying all or part of the shipping costs in the price of the product. Similarly, many online stores offer unconditional product refunds even if the product has been used; once again, nothing in life is free. This kind of policy costs them money, and they can stay profitable only by burying the costs in their product price.

Disclaimer: The information found on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting with a qualified medical practitioner. Prime Health Products will not be held liable for the use or misuse of herbal supplements.

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